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   Here's some new Equipment and Services for 2021.


 Telehealth Cart for Teleray Video Call System for Nursing and care facilities

Teleray DSC 0172 LR  Teleray DSC 0155 LR


 Stellar Lab HD UHF Antenna's

Stellar Labs  30 2426Stellar Labs  30 2431

 We now offer iphone screen repairs on iphone 6 and above.

 Broken i Phones 

procentricHospital Equipment 

    We offer a wide variety of Television, Satellite, and Antenna services including FREE TV!

Call us about our TV control and TV applications utilizing LG Pro:Centric technology.

Use IR to control other devices on your platform.

We Sell Pillow Speakers and Healthcare iPads

We Sell PDI Healthcare and LG Healthcar TV's

We offer a cheap and legal Music solution for your lobbies, Just ask!




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