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Hours of Operation

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TV and Electronic Repair Service

Hours of Operation

Wed, Fri, and Saturday 10am-5pm

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Authorized Service Center



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Antenna Super Store. Electronics and much more!            

We have used TV Parts  MSA50 Samsung Main Bd

LG, Samsung, Magnavox and many more!


Don't forget to pull the TV away from the wall and vacum the vents. Other electronics to clean- laptop computers fans, Printers, Stereo Recievers vents. Always pay attention to Blocking vents on ANY electronic device.  Stacking units like a DVR ontop of a Reciever will also overheat the unit  
Let us set you up a new MATV or SMATV DIRECTV system for your Hospital, Hotel, Condo, Apartmant, and Large Complexes. We offer a wide selection of TV distribution methods. We can help you setup a TV distribution system ready to handle todays Television Infrastructure. We design, install, and service, a complete turnkey solution.
909 South Main St. In Fuquay Varina NC 27526 Store Hours: Wed, Fri, and Saturday 10am-5pm TV Repair-By Appointment
  Let us diagnose and repair your TV. We repair all brands.
DIRECTV Dealer since 2002 for the Triangle area.  Some of our accounts are Buffalo Brothers, The Brick Bar and grill, Tailgators, Rex Hospital, and Duke Raleigh Hospital
Capacitors, Transistors, Resistors, Diodes, Transformers, Switches We have breadboards for your home project.  Soldering tools and much more!

Our Warranty

Manufacturer/Third-Party/Extended Warranty

a. We are a factory authorized service center for several TV brands. Warranty work will be conducted and charges assessed according to the terms of the manufacturer warranty and the process directed by the manufacturer or other provider.

b. A copy of the bill of sale & any 3rd-party or extended warranty must be provided in advance of any warranty service.

c. Customer is responsible for all repair and travel charges not covered by the manufacturer.

d. Customer will be notified if the repair is determined to be for an issue not covered by the manufacturer warranty or if the warranty is found to be void for any reason. In this case, the warranty company will be notified and the customer will be responsible for paying the first hour diagnostic fee and any additional fees approved during the remainder of the non-warranty repair.

ElecTech Services, Inc. Warranty

a. If a purchased television part fails due to a factory defect during the manufacturer or vendor's warranty period, (generally 90 days but may vary) no additional part or labor charges will apply to replace the part in our shop. However, Shipping and Handling charges not covered by the manufacturer/vendor may apply. Applicable travel charges will apply.

b. Only parts included on the initial invoice are covered under this warranty. If other parts break down due to use, age, or any other reason beyond our control, they will be replaced and the regular rates for parts, labor and travel will apply.

c. The following repairs are not warranted at all:

- DLP TV lamps that are broken, shattered, blown, or do not appear brand new are not warranted or accepted for return

- Out of circuit component replacement where the circuit board was provided without the original TV or equipment item

- General cleaning and preventive maintenance

- Repair for intermittent symptoms (if the problem is not apparent and consistent, it cannot be properly diagnosed).

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