Services We Provide

  • LG Pro:Centric TV integrator for Multi-TV facilities

  • Factory Authorized TV repair on all major brands

  •  DIRECTV Sales, Installation, and Service for Bars, Resturants, Hospitals, Hotels, and Dr. Offices

  •  HDTV off-air antenna installation and service

  •  RF Television cable distribution installations for TV, Data, and Fiber

  •  Data System Service and Upgrades

  •  C-band and KU-band-fixed and steerable dish satellite installation and service

  •  Structured CAT5 & CAT6 cabling, Computer networking, Fiber networking

  •  Television mounting solutions for LED LCD, LCD, and Plasma

  •  Channel upgrades/additions to existing television headend systems

  •  Commercial L-Band Satellite SiriusXM radio cabling in Hospitals and Nursing  homes, Bars,  Restaurants, and Dr. Offices 

  •  Hard-line semiflex retrofits or splicing

  •  MATV installations and off-air antenna Installation and reception  improvements

  •  VSAT satellite installation or service

  •  Video Messenger readers and graphic channels for Avaline and Magic box

  •  Pre-installation and pre-upgrade surveys

  •  Audio Recording Services
  •  AV Rental and Setup
  •  CAD Drawings, Digital photos

  •  Service contracts

  •  Diagnostic equipment including satellite meters, RF signal strength meters,  spectrum  analyzers and data analyzers

  •  HIPPAA Certified & Fully insured!

  •  Multiple service and installation teams with equipped vans

  •  Digital Mastering
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