Our Services

Commercial DIRECTV Service, Television Intergration Services

Our blend of experience

DIRECTV SYSTEM Repair for Hospitals, Hotels and Nursing homes

We are trained in all DRE, SMATV, Lband SWM, SMDU, technologies.  Fiber and RF connectors


We install UFH/VHF, Shortwave

Electronic Componants

We sell Resistors, Capicitors, Transistors, IC's, LED's, Micro Switches, Regulators, Tac switches, amplifiers. We repair Power Supplies

XM for Business

We install XM radio for Healthcare reception areas

PDI arm

We install PDI arm technology in Dialysis Centers and Surgical center

We can change your current platform to and ALL DIGITAL TV platform

Work with us

Let us know your clients TV and multi-media equipment needs

Our process

Site Survey your location to establish cabling infrastructure changes

How we help

Provide you the tools and resources to move your TV system to the next generation of Multi-Media Content

ElecTech Services